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Online Student Resources:
View grades, schedule, account information, and unofficial transcript.

Rogue Online Classes:
RCC's online classroom for:

  • Web classes
  • Telecourse-web hybrids
  • In-class-Web Hybrids

Student E-mail:
All students are provided an RCC e-mail address. The "name" part of the address is <firstname>.<lastname>.<last 4 digits of Student ID>. Any punctuation or spaces in first and last name are removed for the purpose of the e-mail address. The "domain" part of the address is student.roguecc.edu. Steps to setting up your new student e-mail account:

  • Go to: outlook.com/student.roguecc.edu
  • Enter your student e-mail address:
    <firstname>.<lastname>.<last 4 digits of Student ID>@student.roguecc.edu.
  • Default password is your student ID number with a leading 0 (zero). (Do not hyphenate. You will be prompted to change it the first time you sign in.)
  • BRAND NEW STUDENTS will not have access to their student e-mail until the term starts.

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