Course Information
Title: QuickBooks Pro 2011 for Business or Office - Intermediate
CRN: 1244121 Course ID: 9.736-S5
Term: Winter term 2012/13 Credits/Hours: 0/6T
Instructor: M. LEWIS
Dates: 03/13/2013 - 03/18/2013 Days: MoWe
Times: 6:00PM - 9:00PM Location: HEC-124
Estimated Tuition: $90.00 Estimated Fees: (see Notes) $0.00
Description: For those with some knowledge of how to operate and navigate within QuickBooks Pro, have specific needs such as payroll, project costing, worker's comp and other challenges, or wish to move from Beginning QuickBooks to the intermediate level.

Topics include tracking inventory in QuickBooks, job costing, finding and correcting errors, advanced payroll (worker's comp, employee loans, garnishments), importing and exporting to Excel, Word, and other QuickBooks company files, year-end procedures, working with an accountant, and integrating QuickBooks with third-party software. More information is available at 541-956-7494.
Prerequisite/requirements: A basic knowledge of QuickBooks and accounting principles. Bring a 256 mg or larger thumb drive to save your work.
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